Here is not my life.
I need a change of scenery
But I haven't any stage hands
And the audience has gone smaller.

Perhaps I should go home.
No not the place of my youth.
But that place I know
In my heart is home.

A home where there's no fear.
A home with my own people dear .
A home where I should have had my start
But let's not put the horse before the cart.

I don't know where is such a home.
Where do I start?
A place I have never been.
A place I have never seen.
Except for in my heart's dreams.
A place I can never visit.
A place that might never have existed.

Still it's a place I am homesick for.
Or so it seems.
It exists forever in my heart's dreams.
Oh Hiraeth*

Hiraeth pronounced "here-eyeth"
© 2022 S. D. Kilmer, llc


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