Ocean of Life

When we were born.
We were all thrown,
Into an ocean of life.

We start out on the surface level.
As we grow in substance and energy
We will go deeper
Deeper we progress
In this ocean of life.

Some people live on the surface.
Some people live in the deep.
You know where the shallow people live.

The superficial they're on the surface.
The more intellectual, the deep thinking.
The deeper they go.
Into the depths,
 the deep people can be found.

In the depths of one's intelligence
It's the real aphrodisiac.
But not so far in the depth that, you're in the dark.

Hopefully, we all can make it
To the sea of love.
Deeper and deeper,
Surrounded by love,
In the sea of love.

© 2022  S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
SDKilmer  dot  Com


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