You Want My Life

It's scary to search for love 
out in this new world order.
Everyone is crazy these days.
And store clerks incompetent.

You say you want my love.
How can I give you love?
Our minds might be similar
Our hearts are so far away.

You ask if I feel as you
How am I to know
Just by texted words only?
They are so easily deleted at will.

To love you
Is to give you my life.
How quick do you believe
That will happen?

I need to know you
You need to know me.
We need to share
To increase the level
Of how much we care.

Don't cha know, it comes from above!
You want my love
Is the same as asking,
You want my life!

© 2022  S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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