I Don't Want It

Warmth, softness,
  Enveloped, embraced,
    Softness, tenderness,
      A temporary oneness never want 
         to loose.
           A temporary ekstasy never want 
               to come down from.
                  Lips are soft and sweet.

                  But if I can't love you,
                 I don't want it.
               But if my love can't take care       
               of you,
             I don't want it.
           If you won't let me love you,
        I can't have you.
     If you won't love me too,
I don't need you.

I just don't want it!
Need to give to some one
who needs to be loved.
If that's not you then
I just don't want it.
Though I'm starving to be loved.

Copyright ©️ 2022  S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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