Echo From the Past

So much regret
From such an early age.
As soon as I could speak up for myself,
I knew love was leaving me.

Not once a maternal rejection.
Twice, the mothers let me go.
Abandonment is what I know.

Since you've gone
You'd think I'd be strong.
What did I understand back then?
What do I understand nearing my end?

But I knew
I wouldn't have to hear you
Your lies, and destructive words.
When you died, the only comfort.
But so many years later
Your lies still echo from the past.

Such uncertainty all through the years.
I've got no one today too
Hold me close,
Don't ever let me go.

Oh I know!
When love was leaving.
A child builds up the adults around.
Only for him to be put down.
Chased about the roundabout.
By your ghost of envy and jealousy.
Oh please no more
  stop your shouts!
Love has long ago left me.
You're just an echo from the past.
Copyright ©️ S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
www SDKilmer com


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