Face of an Angel

She's the girl of your dreams
To your specifications.
Face of an angel and her body too.
No emotional issues to get into.
She won't tear you down.
No drama in the things she says
...or doesn't say.

She's an innocent lover.
In you she'll be a believer.
she's a waiter, waiting for you
    whenever you're gone.
She's so beautiful,
She's so pretty, so cute.
She has nothing to say about others
About gossiping she's mute.

And she'll stand up to you with compassion.
At the drop of her hat she'll stand for you.
Just step inside her world.
Look at the city streets from her view.
See the foolishness of the Crowd.

She's vulnerable to being pushed about.
She'll always love you.
She'll never shout.
She's shy. A homebody.
She'll always be there for you.
She'll watch and study.
Everyone that passes by her.

But put her on a stage.
She'll enjoy showing what you've given her.
And never looks like she's aged.
Keeping you in solitaire
Far from the maddening crowd.
Keeps you light headed in her hair.

She gives you all of her time.
You could lie, she'd forgive you of any crime.
Feelings and emotions flow in one direction.
What else did you expect of her?
No conception,
There's shallowness, meaninglessness.
How can you deny her?
The woman of your dreams.
The answer to your lonely night screams.
Be right there inside her!
What else is there?
Beyond bombs and stares.
She's your woman of all your dreams.
Ain't she sweet?
Plays a primitive beat
Seems there's no other way
Except for your own emotional sway.

No politics here.
She can give only herself.
But if you say, "I win!"
Just remember she's just a mannequin
Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved.
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