Let Your Love Go

What do you say love is
When you clean up after,
only yourself ?
Where's there any merit collected?
In only doing what's expected.

You're a better person
For having done for others.
You're a good person
For having gone beyond your own hype
For fulfilling only your own responsibilities.
Without any gripe.

What do you say love is
When you've degraded her
With your loud words,
And chased her down the hall?
Where's there any kindness
When you've tossed her dinner
Onto the wall?

How are you selfless
In never doing for others
even if they won't do for you?

Your love is for others
Not for yourself, exclusively.
Your love is for others
They may give it back to you.
This is what it meant by
"Let your love go, it'll come back to you!"
Copyright ©️ 2022 S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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