Just Walk Away

Rushing to fires
Set by others.
Chasing the lights.

In search of illumination.
To open my closed heart,
Or was it a closed mind?
My arms were always open.

No one ever came rushing in.
Some would smile, all just walk away.
There were rare exceptions.
Women with husbands absent or dead,
Whatever the difference may be.
I just couldn't see.

I set myself to be their Messianic Lover.
Really just looking after my own needs.
Or were they desires?
At least none of us were for hire.
Guess I couldn't get much lower.
When they turned out the light.

Had no adhesive or meaning,
Nothing to attach myself to them.
Except for their willingness.
It was so easy to just walk away.
Like every adult did
In my youth.
They taught me it was easy
To just walk away.
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