A Covenant of Love

Who knows what a Covenant is these days?
Who willfully binds themselves to another?
We all fall
in and out of love
but do we really know what love is?

It's more doing than feeling
and emotions are the energies
that orient's your disposition.
Love is what you do.

Love is what you do.
What you do is how you are.
How you are is how you feel
because of what you've done.

You say you love me
I've heard that all before.
I've always been there for you
in-between your change of lovers.
How can I believe you anymore?
You know how to show it.
but that too could be a sham.
I can't express to you now just how I am.

If you really love me,
tell it to my heart.
never to my brain.
when I see you talking
with all your old flames,
  that have burnt you;
those from whom you broke up with, in the end.
It's something I just can't comprehend.

speak directly to my heart, because,
when you try to appeal to my brain.
you otherwise just cause me further pain.

A Covenant of Love
It's in giving all of oneself
without sacrificing ones mental health.

A Covenant of Love
it's a mystery,  binding at least three as one
It's uniting  you and me to God
it's a mystery
it has no history
if the covenant is obedied with all of the heart's might .

A Covenant of Love stands clear in the Light.
it's a mystery,  binding us all as one.
It's uniting everyone to me to you,.
to Divinity Who is Love so True.

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