Living Like There's No Tomorrow

Waiting here for you---
in a future paced sorrow.
If the future pain for today is
just as germaine for tomorrow.
---What is there to gain?

Who can see the future?
When in youth there was no nurture.
Who can survive such a past
when one's life will never last?

We are devoured by our desires and lust.
We engage in passions we should never trust.
Never should we trust our feelings.
Uncontrolled emotions have us climbing the ceilings.
It's not what is meant by:
Living here like there's
No tomorrow.

Instead of gorging our senses.
Before the last full solstice.
We ought to be engaged in loving others.
Not limited to our sisters and brothers.
Neither mother's, nor fathers.
Enemies, acquaintances and strangers too.
Living here like there's no tomorrow is
Loving. Best for me and you.

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