Colours of My Life

Once my life was as bright as the golden
During those days,
I thought you and I were one.

You made me very blue when
you told me to leave you.
Eventually I became use to it.
Until years later,
I thought I might have a chance.

We became good friends, again.
Better than before.
I just couldn't leap over your new boundaries
that kept us as only friends, nothing more.

You possessed a strange manner
In relation to your "ex's".
Remaining friends with them
with whom you arrived at an end?
What man can have a former lover as a friend?

Suddenly they were wandering around.
Fixing things or seeking to be fixed!
How does an "ex" trust another "ex"?
What man can have a former lover as a friend?

That night I must have glowed as
light green was my apprehension, fear and terror
to loss of you whom apparently were not mine to possess.
Turning deep green, my jealousy &  envy;
that ran blood red in my annoyance unto rage.

Days gone past when
Deep purple loathing & disgust remained.
We were far from being on the same page.
As we spoke since:
You highlighted my error
Which seemed larger than there's.
You said I was splitting hairs.

My sadness & grief blanketed me in deep blue
and melancholy.
Now my life is grey
living without you
from day to day.
Neither lover nor a friend.
At this old age there's no use
being ISO another then.
my life has come to its end.

this poem about an older man's love for a younger woman who holds him just as a friend after having been lovers.
copyright © 2022 SDKilmer, llc
HeardWords America
All Rights Reserved
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