Mama's Voodoo


You had the chance to live.
You had the chance to love.
Your search has been one of desperation.
She-devil in a housecoat entered your subconscious.
No manner of conversation would free you.
From the hold she have on you.
Mama's voodoo.
Doesn't it hurt just laying there?

You had the chance to live your life.
You squandered your intelligence, it turned your beauty ugly.
Would you do it again
If raised by your own?

Look at yourself
Every glance is truth.
You pass around the blame.
Like you're still in your youth.
Never sharing in some yourself.
Plenty to share.

If you had another chance
would you have wasted your life away?
Would her influence still have its own way?
O Mama's voodoo. 

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