I Could Love You

In a store, or, 
    a shopping mall.
Of all the women who pass me by,
I wonder whose not standing tall?
Which one sees me, liking what she sees?
Yet no one ever stops me to say,  
Or are they more like me; not finding 
    the words that might draw us to 
    one another
    like birds
    and bees?

I'd love to love you, honey.
But I'd love to know who you are first.
I'd love to love you, honey.
I need to know who I'm loving, not to 
    be cursed.
I need to learn your depth, it's not
    any worse.
I want to know your secrets, I don't 
    care about your money.
I'd love to love you, honey.

Like two ships passing in the dark;
We go our own way; never stopping 
    to say, Hey!
There must be a compatible mate.
Hope to find her before it's too late.
We go so fast. Never realizing the 
    lost opportunity.

If only I could love you, honey; but I 
    need to know where you are.
copyright ©️ 2023 SDKilmer, LLC
All Rights Reserved
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