Adoptee Chameleon

I love the way you move.
All swank and cool.
I'm a dank fool canvas.
I'd like to be you.
Let's see who,
I can be.

I love the way you speak.
All soft and sexy.
Everything 'bout you is neat.
I'm just an entity incomplete.
I'd like to be you.
Let's see who,
I can be.

Adoptee chameleon
Born to be
a utilitarian personality.

Adoptee chameleon.
Born to be
Nothing much to see, apparently.
Nobody said it would be like thees.
All my own history.
All blood relatives.
I'm a severed twig of my family trees.

They said the tree caught fire.
From which they saved me.
What bald liars!
They took me on.
An adoptee chameleon.
Gill or Jillian?
No one could tell.
All adoptees seem to be
a chameleon.

How I love your body.
Oh how I love your manners.
Does it really matter
That I want to be like you?
Got nothing else to inform me.
So let's see, who I am.
If I can break free from
Being an Adoptee Chameleon
Of different colors.
With different lovers.
To know who I am.
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All Rights Reserved.
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