About the Author

S. D. Kilmer 

 Born in 1957 Thursday July 11 in Auburn N.Y. Symon is a Survivor of Child Adoption and related Child Abuse. Diagnosed in 1999 with Fibromyalgia, Systemic Depression and ADD. While employed at the local State Psychiatric hospital he was injured sustaining further skeletal-muscular problems. Music, poetry spirituality became a comfort and healing powers for Simon. His first poem written at age 11 entitled, “Look At Mine” about encouraging a potential love interest to consider him over the boy who is more obvious and popular choice.

He holds a Certificate in Jewish Studies and a certificate in Conflict Resolution from Syracuse University. In 1993 received a New York State Court certified training in Mediation of Conflict leading him to practice Community & Family Mediation. Also holds a certificate of Training in Pastoral Care (1995) from the AAPC certified “Clergy Training Program in Pastoral Care” at the (since defunct) Onondaga Pastoral Counseling Center, in Syracuse, N.Y. Lastly, he holds a Bachelors of Professional Studies [B.P.S. 1998] degree in Orthodox Psychology & Conflict Resolution from State University of New York at Empire State College. Due to physical disabilities and financial deficiency, his pursuit of a Psy.D. degree and certification in Counseling became out of the question.

He practiced Community & Family Mediation under supervision of the New Justice Conflict Resolution Services agency in Syracuse, N.Y. As well as, direct service of Pastoral Care & Orthodox Psychotherapy in Syracuse N.Y. under the aegis of the Orthodox Church.

Symon continues to reside in his hometown in Central New York State, writing poetry through which he voices the adoptee experience and the salvific Faith & Lifestyle of the Orthodox Christian Community.

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