Between the covers of the poetry anthology, Around the World: Landscapes and Cityscapes, (2021: Steven Carr, ed., Sweetycat Press) are two of my poems, La Cafe de Flore and Kyoto.


(Kyoto Gardens, London)

My life was dark and gray.

Couldn't raise my head all day.

After conquering the downs.

I wandered the streets of London town.

From Chelsea I came to Kensington.

There was a bitter wind.

My heart so cold.

Standing there, on

Abbotsbury Road, so near

Eating al a mode, so sincere

Suddenly I was beside myself.


There a beauty never before had I beheld.

Oh Kyoto, my Japanese beauty.

Your loveliness out shone the botanical colors of the Fukushima Gardens,

There next to you.

Will you pardon,


Me for saying,

Fair and pure was your skin.

Well manicured, to see you exposed.

Must have been a sin.

So perfect in my sight,

That my melancholy took flight.


That night I just couldn't stay.

Blue boys escorted me away.

Oh Kyoto! Why must I go?

Let me stay, let me lay upon you.


Pull closed the bamboo curtain.

And you will be certain.

I will never leave.

Oh Kyoto, don't you see?

My heart on the sleeve?

It's in Kyoto I must be.


Copyright ©️ 2021 S. D. Kilmer, llc

 La Cafe de Flore here


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