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He Was Always Yours

He Was Always Yours.      by S. D. Kilmer  Mother Susan, how did you cope? Did you have a smoke of rope? That day, February 25, 1988 You could have bathed your child    In your tears. So infectious was your sorrow. I began to wish for tomorrow The child could be ours, instead. Yours and mine. Adoptive father and birthmother. Only I can think like no other. I followed your career. So similar to my own. A Counselor of Compassion. Continued to wish Anthony be ours. As the hours sifted, swayed. Time slipped away. My marriage went from farce to divorce. What other direction of course? I always hoped I might present Our son back to you. Facilitate the Mother and Child reunion. But Anthony found you, I hear. Without me. He disowned me, and the other. Did he say how I was as a Father? Oh Susan. I guess he could never have been ours. He was always yours. _______________ *Anthony (given name) Nathaniel (adoptive name). **The author is both an Adoptee & an Adoptive Father. All wri

Your Love

Standing in your temple. So sublime and life is at ease. Of course it's only You I want to please. Your judgements are gentle. And Your Love, is forever. But I walked in the opposing direction. Ignoring our divine election. The passions burn in more than the loins. My body's spent. I don't even have a widow's coin. Desires they always came and went. My mind is cloudy and gray. I know I should be with You. I've missed the mark yet another day. I'm going to feel all blue; without You. Standing in Your temple. So sublime and life is at ease. Of course it's only You I want to please. Your judgements are gentle. And Your Love, is forever.  We see aggression as hostile. Yet when the angels turned rogue. It was Your Love that put them in their place. We speak of Your anger because we're in that space. You have only love for us. Love is what you are. Knowing this doesn't seem To quell the tide of passions. If we could really see ourselves, we'

Sorrowful Sally

What's wrong with you now? How do you get into these predicaments. I just don't know how! We drove to the country, The weekend before last. You were smiling, You were laughing, like a free-hearted lass. And now a dark rain cloud Follows you around. You don't even notice You're in the middle of town. You look like a long lost puppy. You've got to loose this depression Get rid of your sullen expression. Oh Sorrowful Sally, She lost her valet He fell down a hole in a back ally Oh Sorrowful Sally Oh Sorrowful Sally. You keep looking up at the sky Like you wanna fly! Oh Sorrowful Sally But you can't, so you ran to your garden. What did you plant? Coz they all see you're so high! (Oh my!) Sorrowful Sally. Whats that you say? oh I'm sorry, you're not talking to me. Wondering what she whispered to her doll? Before she downed all the alcohol? Then I got the chance, I asked, Dear Penelope Doll... And she said, Oh Poor Sorrowful Sally She'

The Package

It was the whole package. Nothing about it required to be changed. Upon initial delivery, though, It was rerouted to another destination. Once received, It was mishandled. They didn't know what to do with it. Wasn't what they thought they ordered, Once they saw it in action. They couldn't see past their own disorders. With a package that didn't quite fit their needs. A package they didn't know how to relate. Since they couldn't relate to this non-relative. So they spindled the package when they felt out of control. They decorated the package with their own labels and show of identity. The package endured for years all the mislabeling, mishandling it received. They who adopted this package considered re-sending it back to the original sender. Or rehoming it to others. What was best they believed. As the years past, this package would not last in their possession. It eventually broke free. The contents of the package was determined to Be. Yes it's

From True Love Comes True Freedom

They say that the truth will set you free! Always did I believe. Yet, it has never brought me love. Love is the highest truth. There is no freedom Without love. From love the truth blossoms, then truth sets you free. Where love is silent Truth yields only the lonesome. From true love comes true freedom. I lie in bed and I can see her. When I reach out to love, Love is not there to be touched. When driving down the boulevard I look to see love, she's not sitting next to me. Needlees to say, life has been so hard. Without love truth is not as free, As we would all like to believe. And if by grace there is love truth is not far behind with the freedom to love the one Your heart did yearn. But for me, was there something I just didn't learn? From love the truth blossoms, then truth sets you free. Where love is silent Truth yields only lonesome. From true love comes true freedom. ____________ Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America

The Quintessential Beauty

(Dedicated to Barbra Streisand)         So many stars in the sky So many faces in the night Home is dark and cold Home is where I've learned about pain. It was plain, to me  When I heard your voice. Then when I gazed upon your face, of course! You were the one To save me at those moments I most needed you. Your voice spoke to my heart. No coincidence, it wasn't a lark. Your song kept my heart from Becoming hardened, kept it from dying, Within me I loved you for all of these years. No one could replace you my dear. Every other must be patterned after you. Your beauty, that perfect nose, those lips, your eyes. I came close a couple times. But no one is you, Barbra. My quintessential Beauty. And if I could, Love you face to face, I would. With no goodbyes. Love is forever. In true love there are no lies. You are the quintessential Beauty. From your heart moving outward So we all can see. You are the quintessential Lover. No one better, did I ever know. You saved my hea

Our Noetic Connection

  Seems all our friends are getting together. Hooking up with one another. They all move by the passion's of their feelings. Tomorrow they will be broken. Not one spoken for. Emotions are just vapors. Their love was just a lore. You and I share something stronger. Our friendship will out last that Of so many others. Ours is rooted in the depths. Deeper than the skin. Deeper in the breadth. We have so much in common. When we play, we both win. Our friendship will out last our youthful beauty. It's not about how we look. It's about how we work. We are in step, insync perfectly. Our secret is how we have, A noetic connection. In our minds to our hearts. It's the surest way to start. A friendship, a bond that will last forever. From there we can decide to go anywhere. All our others friends. Started their relationships in their beds. It was the first thing in their heads. Eventually, each one of them. Lost what they built upon the s