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Publication Announcement

Above you will find the full cover for Around The World: Landscapes & Cityscapes  an anthology of 200 poems about places and locations. There are two (2) poems of S. D. Kilmer in this new volume namely, " Kyoto " and " La CafĂ© de Flore ".  It will be available for order on Amazon print/Kindle November 1, 2021.

My First Love

The years have been fowl and grey. And I've forgotten how to pray. Takin my life into my own hand. I just might end up in a stranger land. Faithless all around me. They be what they see. This Church of Culture and Blood. Where the externalities are gestures and symbols. Shadows of the True Way they've left behind. Where the interiority grow arid and dry. All their Mysteries are hallow. All I know what to do now, is cry. My heart is broken. You have spoken The reasons why! Oh save me from myself before I die. You are my Beloved You are my Salvation You have been my first Love From the start. Come rescue my ailing heart Before I succumb to some curse. All I want to do Is get back to You, Oh My Eternal Love from the First. ________________ Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America #poems, #poetry #Kilmer, #SDKilmer .

Valley of Your Rejection

Loving you It is like being Sisyphus-in-the-rain. Pushing the boulder: All its mass Its weight greater than my own. Pushing and rolling and pushing Up the hill, a very tall hill, steep. If I can get this boulder to the top I might be rewarded with your love. A love to keep. Then you go and put someone else In your bed. My grip is lost. All my efforts to love you fall Into the valley of your rejection. __________ Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America