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At Whose Expense?

You are a cruel bitch! Inviting me. Dressing me. Making me up.    At your expense. Only to discover That the groom  Is my ex-fiancĂ©. And you knew that! And you still invited me. And you still dressed me. And you made me out    as the fool.    At my own expense! _________ Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.

Beneath the Old Oak

It was a forest once  Considered obscure And marginal. People believe it was cared for by a donce. The grass and vines Grew wild and shabby     in several directions. Strange though, as if anything more can be strange, The  animals there appears Disciplined almost civilized. People thought it was Magic that did bind them all. I knew better; For I entered this forest Seeking life anew. The disorder seen from the outside Was that of their own vision skewed They do not understand what they see. Of Law, they had only the letter. Why was it so different from the inside than out? But where does it all begin? In the center of the forest enthroned there The Donce, the Fool, a Holy Fool He not only cares for the forest; The forest is his stewardship. He directs its life by serving the forest And all therein. And he resides in the great Old Oak tree. Central among the forest vast. Because spatial life is of greater expanse Than the world outside. Of incredible strength, beauty and of

Poison & Noise

When you left Part of me left with you You had taken from me What I most needed. How can I grieve When you're still alive? No! you must be dead, I believe! Because when I came to my senses Already you were not there. How does a heart so shattered Become whole again? How do we wake up each morning When our focus is so scattered. To live a life you were never a part of? Pretend you don't exist If not we must ask, "from whom did I come?" We drown out the sound of our ocular mist So we avoid getting pissed By your absence. In the silence we would hear our primal screams creeping near. The tears of the unloved. the cries of the alienated. The screams of the abandoned. Poison and noise. Damn society's little ployes! As we drown our awareness. Even in daymares and daydreams. Pushing back the silent     Primal screams. Noise and poison There's so little joy in Drowning our sorrow Pushing back another tomorrow Each day an internal struggle In the life of an


Where are you here? Can you be near? Can you Be. Here. Now. Close your eyes. I'll show you a surprise. Highjacking your insides. Now Center yourselves. Straighten that back. You have what it takes, if you don't lack.  Forget about the world. And all whom you love. Focus on the swirl. And feel yourself will Like a hand in a glove. Of course you cannot Go beyond yourself. All by yourself. There's no self-transcendence. No transcending yourself. Whoever told you those lies Are so full of themselves. They're just wearing a disguise. No guru here. No guru there. It's themselves that they care Most about. Must I shout! You can improve yourself. Don't stay upon a shelf. You need to unfold. Unwind. Break the mold. Take control, you'll be fine. Author your own existence. At your soul's insistence. You can be large. But you'll never leave yourself. Never transcend your charge. ____________ Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America