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Beneath the Way

I walk in the way. No spirit, no power, no demon shall disturb, The Lord watches over me. © SDKilmer llc


The landscape is dry, it's dusty. Where the wind kicks up the loose dirt of spilt words. And the air Is thick with animosity. One must cough or suffocate. The atmosphere is frigid. Where words are bitingly cold. In places the precipitation of gossip Soaks the ground. If one chooses to find their way. One would be trudging through Large puddles of hateful and resentful moisture; Things spew'd from the mouths Of hearts discontented. Discontented with themselves and their lot. Upon which they project onto others; Often close to them  A lot of which they chose, Because, there are certain directions They also had chosen below conscious awareness. By the map of choices made  There they find themselves; In their misery. So they are (not) justified to play the part Of the Victim in this passion play of Self-created unreality. And yet without their victim script Of a life of volitional discontent there would be No passion play. No mental illness. And the world would be in Un

The Farmer's Wisdom

Damaging weeds that grows in fields of grain, such are, Tares. They Threaten the healthy grain just the same. The Wise Farmer has left them in the field. Grain and Tares together in the field. Faithful and Sinful together in the Ekklesia. This inaction fails to show the Farmer's wisdom? For certain the sinful tares shall choke to death the faithful grain! Or might -- in time -- the sinful be converted? Their life renewed in the same Spirit as Does the faithful thrive upon! Reap the tares, we are endangering, by killing completely, those who might Be saved and convert to be, faithful grain. To grow into the Maturity of the Spirit That furtilises them. Thus the paradox of sinners and saints dwelling together in the Spiritual Hospital. in the Temple of God. ___________ Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC ...

Had I Love

Never before Not in Life Had I felt Love. Never before Not in Life Had I seen Love. Never before Not in Life Had I known Love. But now, here In the bathing blue ethereal Of this world eternal She finally came to me! It has been said, in heaven no one is Given nor taken in marriage. This is not That. This is Lady Lord Love. With Her I can now, here See Love         Know Love                    Feel Love I can now, here Be Love! _____________ Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC #SDKilmer #poems #kilmer #poetry #sdkilmerDotCom


    Photo Creator: Ella Lee  ©️ Ella Lee Leave me, never Alone, in any room In the black of night. In the bright of day. On a bus on the way. Leave me, never Idle, Leave me, not In silence, These --- Aloneness, darkness, idleness, silence --- are all narcotics To the narcoleptic. ___________ Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC ...

Let it Go

.      Photo: Escape the narrows. Out the door. Through the valley. To the moars. Commune with those eternal lights. If you're not careful they'll be a fright. Let it go! From the cities. Through the streets. They'll fall on you, everyone you meet. They want to stop you From touching your inner life. They'll tear you down With worldly strife. Let it Go! Hasten to the interior castles. Seek the angelic counseles. Let this world be as you see You can be in it, without being attached to it. So let it go! ____________ Copyright ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC / HeardWords America.

Sisyphusian Sky

Gaze upon the journey  Before thee. Contemplate upon the climb  Before thee. Consider the labor Before thee. Go! Return when you are able to Fly! Above this Sisyphusian sky! _________ ©️ 2022 SDKilmer LLC 

My Life

Old Man look at my life It's nothing like your's was. I was never going to be tied Two thirds of my life That would put me through strife. I would never give my love To one who'd never give her love. Old Man look at my life It's nothing like your's. I presume your's was an average life A mid-Western upbringing. None of those work ethics   In me were ever slinging. Old Man look at my life It's nothing like your's was. You didn't have a witch for a mother. You didn't have a bitch for a mother. Oh! Right! You actually had your own mother. You labored eighty hours weeks. Hidden away in the shed. Or asleep in your bed. I didn't have a dad, of to speak. Now that I'm an old man What has happened to my life? Our journeys differed. We all carved out our lives with a different knifes. But I've tied myself to a foreign woman Like you had done. Who now suffer from her sins. No one ever wins. Like tacs on my chair, I never know what&#