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Offering Freedom

How can you live In the chaos of his And his family? A narrow sighted world Wherein you'll never be More than you are right now! I did not ask for your body I was asking for your mind. I was offering you a better present And an independent future. A world in which you could be Who you want to see In the mirror every morn'. With an education and career You could be anything my dear Limited only by your own imagination. Oh Zada, I was offering freedom to you And the freedom to make your own choices. ________________ Copyright ©️ 2022 S. D. Kilmer, LLC All Rights Reserved www SDKilmer com

I Don't Want It

Warmth, softness,   Enveloped, embraced,     Softness, tenderness,       A temporary oneness never want           to loose.            A temporary ekstasy never want                 to come down from.                   Lips are soft and sweet.                   But if I can't love you,                  I don't want it.                But if my love can't take care                       of you,              I don't want it.            If you won't let me love you,         I can't have you.      If you won't love me too, I don't need you. I just don't want it! Need to give to some one who needs to be loved. If that's not you then I just don't want it. Though I'm starving to be loved. _________________ Copyright ©️ 2022  S. D. Kilmer, llc All Rights Reserved www SDKilmer com ..........