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Help Him!

Help him. oh help the child. thrown into a world of abandonment. free to be used as anyone's child. No one cares if he'll know himself. Or from whense he's come. As long as the passage of money is done. he could be a peter pan or an elf. it matters not towards where he's going. As long for a time someone possesses a child. Help the child. Caught in the social engineering for the convenience, of the desperate for a child. of the desperate for the money. for the convenience of society. But never in the best interest of this child. He'll never know himself disabused. She'll never know herself unabused. Perhaps the mother and father, Perhaps they're no better,  no worse. Every child still must know, Which door they've passed through. To have fallen into this vacuum. As consciousness unfolds. The child understands just what's molded them. It was never those they were given to. nor was it ever those by whom they were given up. Can you help the