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Colours of My Life

Once my life was as bright as the golden sun. During those days, I thought you and I were one. You made me very blue when you told me to leave you. Eventually I became use to it. Until years later, I thought I might have a chance. We became good friends, again. Better than before. I just couldn't leap over your new boundaries that kept us as only friends, nothing more. You possessed a strange manner In relation to your "ex's". Remaining friends with them with whom you arrived at an end? What man can have a former lover as a friend? Suddenly they were wandering around. Fixing things or seeking to be fixed! How does an "ex" trust another "ex"? What man can have a former lover as a friend? That night I must have glowed as light green was my apprehension, fear and terror to loss of you whom apparently were not mine to possess. Turning deep green, my jealousy &  envy; that ran blood red in my annoyance unto rage. Days gone past when Deep

Mama's Voodoo

  photo : You had the chance to live. You had the chance to love. Your search has been one of desperation. She-devil in a housecoat entered your subconscious. No manner of conversation would free you. From the hold she have on you. Mama's voodoo. Doesn't it hurt just laying there? You had the chance to live your life. You squandered your intelligence, it turned your beauty ugly. Would you do it again If raised by your own? Look at yourself Every glance is truth. You pass around the blame. Like you're still in your youth. Never sharing in some yourself. Plenty to share. If you had another chance would you have wasted your life away? Would her influence still have its own way? O Mama's voodoo.  ____________ copyright © 2022 SDKilmer, LLC, HeardWords, All Rights Reserved www SDKilmer com 

Orphan Nation

The rules are draconian.    The system is arcane. The people They are broken in their needs, their envey and jealousy. For the child, begins a lifetime of pain. Desire fuels the process. Some for the freedom, never guaranteed to them. Some for the money, by the destruction of familial connections. Others for the child that is not their own. All the child want is to be in their original home. Such is the Orphan Nation. And to those who've been adopted. Adults say to them, "Congratulations" Like they won a prize. It was more than just a surprise! Abandoned on one side. Grabbed up and paid for on the other. A child's life and history sundered. Beneath the rootless tree, deep under. . _____________ copyright © 2022 SDKilmer, llc HeardWords  America All Rights Reserved www SDKilmer com