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Look at Me!

Don't you look at me. It's so plain to see. There's so much. I'm not the person I want to be. The past has been so crual. There has never been a school To learn how to be human. The Creator must of thought that should have been natural. As humans we simply fought against our original nature, not so admirable. What now shall we ... What now shall I do? How shall this life I construed Change, transform, transcend For the better? To be less fettered. I am the aggregate of all of them who have interacted with me and I with them. Some for good. Some poorly impacted. Some not doing as they should. Others like they're tuned in to the Creator. Formation of the person, an arbitrator of all those interactions. Benefactions, microtransactions, overreactions, counteractions, communal celebration, everyone appreciation. That's it! It takes all of us. If we can just discuss, without a fuss. All of us together being good to each other. Being the bes