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A Little Bit of Love

All you need Is a little bit of Love.  And every shade thereof.  All you need Is a little bit of kindness. To show your refineness.  A little bit of like. You’ll not need a counterstrike.  A little bit of concern. One human to another does not spurn. A little bit of care. Never hurt to also offer a little prayer.  A little bit of friendliness. Shows your whole hearted genuineness.  A little bit of compassion. Proving your saintly dispassion.  A little bit of Love.  And every shade thereof.  It’s all we need to be helpful. To anyone else anyone can be beneficial. A little bit of Love.  And every shade thereof.  And Love is a virtue worth dying for.  ___________________________ Copyright ©️ 2023 SDKilmer  All Rights Reserved www  SDKilmer  com … … 
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Someplace Else

Not sure how you did it. Nor do I know why. You entered my life.  But now I should cry Because I can recall always being,  Someplace else.  I don't know how I did it. Nor do I understand why. Decisions made, a future laid Were never up to the grade. Because my mind always seems to be,  Someplace else.  Never could I comprehend.  The reason You sent her into my life. It all now seems like wasted time. A more sure love could have been mine. From someplace else.  I'd been thrown into the lives Of those with despondent eyes.  People from vacuumous places. Rather have had my own mother Where she had been,  Someplace else.  And now I face the end. Can only trust in the grace You'll send. I've squandered my intelligence, space and time.  Forgive me how I always seem to be,  Someplace else.  _______________ copyright 2023 SDKilmer All Rights Reserved www SDKilmer com