Sorrowful Sally

What's wrong with you now?
How do you get into these predicaments.
I just don't know how!

We drove to the country,
The weekend before last.
You were smiling,
You were laughing,
like a free-hearted lass.

And now a dark rain cloud
Follows you around.
You don't even notice
You're in the middle of town.

You look like a long lost puppy.
You've got to loose this depression
Get rid of your sullen expression.

Oh Sorrowful Sally,
She lost her valet
He fell down a hole in a back ally
Oh Sorrowful Sally

Oh Sorrowful Sally.
You keep looking up at the sky
Like you wanna fly!
Oh Sorrowful Sally
But you can't,
so you ran to your garden.
What did you plant?
Coz they all see you're so high! (Oh my!)
Sorrowful Sally.

Whats that you say?
oh I'm sorry, you're not talking to me.
Wondering what she whispered to her doll?
Before she downed all the alcohol?
Then I got the chance, I asked,
Dear Penelope Doll...
And she said,

Oh Poor Sorrowful Sally
She's deathly saddened
You haven't written a poem
That would make her gladdened.

That's it, really ?


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America.


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