Where are you here?
Can you be near?
Can you

Close your eyes.
I'll show you a surprise.
Highjacking your insides.
Now Center yourselves.
Straighten that back.
You have what it takes, if you don't lack.
 Forget about the world.
And all whom you love.
Focus on the swirl.
And feel yourself will
Like a hand in a glove.

Of course you cannot
Go beyond yourself.
All by yourself.
There's no self-transcendence.
No transcending yourself.

Whoever told you those lies
Are so full of themselves.
They're just wearing a disguise.
No guru here.
No guru there.
It's themselves that they care
Most about.

Must I shout!
You can improve yourself.
Don't stay upon a shelf.
You need to unfold.
Break the mold.
Take control, you'll be fine.
Author your own existence.
At your soul's insistence.
You can be large.
But you'll never leave yourself.
Never transcend your charge.
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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