Just Wanna Be Like Him

Just wanna be like Him.
He knows how to speak the Truth.
He knows how to be the Truth.
He is the Light to my journey.
He is the Way my journey takes.
He is the Life I breathe
And keeps me on the move.

Not so perfect as He.
Nowhere near as He.
It is plain to see.
My imperfections are all over me.
Like a lepercy
In the way I move.
In the words I use.
In the way my eyes see the world.

My conscious intentionality,
---The focus of my existence---
Wavers on and off of Him.
From day to day.
From moment to moment.
Everytime its off, I sin.
Everytime, I just can't win!

Still I just wanna be like Him.
Something about the way he moves my heart.
My soul takes a leap.
Knowing I'm one of His rational sheep.
He'll not leave me stranded and open
Even if I was the only one in the face
  of wolves, snakes and dragons.

O Master, have mercy on me and save me from myself.
For I just wanna be like You!
©2022 SDKilmer LLC



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