Washington Square

There are houses on
Washington Square.

But only one, in particular, do I care.
It stands out from the others.
With its foundation of large stones
Oh and wide sized shutters.

This house on Washington Square, there,
The lawn is richly green and thick.
The house must be made of wood and brick.
With its forest green body framed by a burgundy trim.

I see Ivy lives there.
You might say, she lives on Washington Square. As she dares
    to climb the front and left side 
    of the house.
From the main to the upper floor.
She embraces these sides and almost
    the doors.

It appears as a mansion
A small mansion, at that.
With two levels then its basement.
At the front door, a welcome mat.

Strangest thing about this house.
It appears no one lives there anymore.
Matching drapes drawn to date.
From ceiling to floor.
Someone had abandoned this place
It's official. It's on the block.
"For Sale", states the sign.
Pitched into the ground;
Found broken
laying on the grass.
I thought to myself,
"Wish I could reside there
On Washington Square".
© 2022 S. D. Kilmer, LLC all rights reserved.


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