A Day

Oh how I wanted to butter her up
So I might devour her whole.
Against all kinds of weather.
Or not

See her plastic grin
She's wearing
nothing but that smile.
She awoke amidst morning glories.
Cream, body butter,
covers better than the sheets.
Never sure if they were her lovers.

The sun streaming in through the window.
She rolled out of bed and  began window dressing
while the Toms across the way began window shopping.

She wanted to run a fever but the fever never broke a sweat. So together they walked.

The record player playing alone in the corner.
She broke a record for the most vinyl destroyed.

She went to town
To face the music.
It wasn't her sound.
It wasn't her town.

She was up for some bruh burning. So?
She broke the camel's back instead
Trying to get it through a needle's eye.
Thought she'd drive me to the edge.

What more could happen?
So I wrote this poem
Then called it,  A Day.

Copyright ©️. 2022 S. D Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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