We Are What We Are


Angst is a place.
It is a place that rises up
To meet us.
It meets us when we are busy.
Busy within ourselves.
Within ourselves laboring to create an identity.
An identity that we unceasingly fail to create.
Then we come to learn about ourselves
At the meeting place,
Where angst and being meet face to face.

Identity is the paradox of how
We see ourselves, of how
The world sees ourselves as well.
Not the world of absurdity created by human kind.
But the world of nature
But the world we find ourselves face to face.
But the world interiority.
But the world externality.
But the world of otherworldliness.

For we are nothing in solitude.
For we are everything while in the face of Others.
For we are not really, being in-itself.
We are being-there.
A forward movement of Self while in direct
    confrontation with the world.
We are already in the world
When we go within to search for Self.
When we go within to define ourSelves.
Without the input of the world we face
We are unable to put a face upon ourselves.
We are what we are only in the face of Others.
No less, are we what we are in the Face of God.
Copyright ©️ 2022. S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved
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