The Imposter's Syn.

They said, You are not the son of your Mother."

Then they gave me to someone and said, "She will be 'as if' but never really will she be your Mother."

This "mother" said to me, "you are useless, you will never amount to anything."

When I grew up I became a husband.


Then I became a "Daddy". As much an impostor as was the second mother.

Freed myself from all entanglements.
I was Me. But I knew not who that was.

I thought I loved God.
I sought solitude.
Or did I want to hide from this world?
I became a monk.

I thought I loved God.
I was made a priest.
I fell in love with a woman
They said, "You are no longer a priest."

Scales fell from my eyes.
I stopped acting as a monk.
After all so many years
Some monastic practices remained, innate.

I am a man.
A man now.
Once buried beneath skins of imposterness.
A man who still must realize the potentia implanted in me all those many years ago.

I am a Man, I Am.
Back to and from the start.
No longer an imposter,
An imposter no longer.

I wrote poetry. I am a poet.
Simple and matter of fact.

A Man who is a Poet.
Still I need to Love.
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