Make You Mine

I've waited for such a long time.
To make you mine.
Open up your heart, we can make a great start.
Open up your world, Oh my dear Tina.
There's so much more than Albania.

Come to me and cross the line.
Love me and in time,
I'll teach you so many things
That the world can bring.

I love you now.
I hope you will love me somehow.
There's so little time left.
I will always do for you what's best.

No one has shown me respect as you had.
And if we never get together it will be so sad.
How great our love can be.
Even if only twenty years we see.
Be Christina and love the One God.
Instead of living in Hamid's fa├žade.

And I'll lead you to an education.
A way for you to have independence.
So you can go on strong,
After I have gone.

© 2022 S. D. Kilmer, llc
All Rights Reserved.


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