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Our Communion


I'm wondering how brave you are.
How long will you listen, How far?
To hear my story six decades long.
Tales of when I was weak, and strong.
Tales perhaps I should never speak of too long.

You've entered my domain.
Are we truly the same?
Follow me through the halls of madness.
If we are the same, we'll enjoy the gladness.

If we are so very different, it's you I'll devour.
And put you out in the next hour.
There'll be no strings, after awhile I'll have forgotten.
All about you.

If we are the same, I will keep you in my  heart, give you my name.
Bound and tethered to my love for
Only you.
For only, forever.

But you must reciprocate.
All that I give you.
I hope to receive from you.
And together we can celebrate.
Bringing new light to the dungeons
Of our pasts.
For as long as we last.
In this perfect solitary union.
You and I are cast.
Into the fire of our communion.
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America 


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