Darkness or Light

It is tricky. There’s the Darkness of Divinity,
It shines brighter than the blackness of evil.

The contradictions in humanity will fade before the foolishness of God’s Wisdom.
We were made,
For the Kingdom.
Most of us live for the furthest distance away.
In the Other di-rection
Due too our own personal dereliction
Little Faith only Hope in the face of our e-rections.
In that no one wins in the dark shadows of their sins.

The abscence of Light and Existence is the evilness of disobedience and distance.
The abscence of Darkness is Humility and Faith that places us in loving obedience and Divine Presence & Light.
So the war for our souls continues to be waged against us by the demon’s of darkness and nothingness. For these do not exist in their own right,
but only in opposition to what is Light.
Where are we, O my soul, Where art thou?
In darkness or Light.


Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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