Love Me (Do Not Judge Me)

It hurts me, that you believe, I don't care.
How am I to be with you
When my own fibro pain flairs?
Isn't it plain?
To see that I've got my problems  too.
How am I suppose to care for you,
When I cannot stand or move,
When the muscles and bone betray me.
When the pain is so bad
I almost can't see you?

I know so well,
You are suffering like hell.
I know your pain is often the same.
But still very different than mine.
Yes I know you might never feel fine.
Yes in the long run you may be worse.

I'm sure this wolf, you have surely cursed!
You know I'm not as strong or as stubborn
As you.
No matter that you are a Cernegorska warrior.
I'm still a worrier
'bout you.
But if I am weak myself,
How can I be there
To help or speak?
For you to continue on
I must be a little more strong.
Because I continue to care.
Though I can do little
to show how I've loved.
Please, understand and do not judge.
Might you'd care for some fudge?

Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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