Life of the Adoptee

Isolated, abandoned, ethnically bewildered, familially and culturally deprived.
The life of the adoptee.

Trapped inside, this crackerbox loony hive,
Beat like meat by this Cuban émigré
Never knowing where I belong
Never sure where I can stay
Never knowing from where I came
With this song all of my secrets betrayed
So afraid of the crowd
I didn’t know where I could go
The silence in my mind ever so loud
The life of the adoptee

Identity in “crisis mode” for 5 decades
Living was a cascade
Had no attachment to you, I’m afraid
No one who loved me could I see
No one I loved really loved me
The life of the adoptee

Is a life of emptiness and desperation
More questions than answers one can see.
The journey to discover oneself takes a lifetime.
We’ve got no time to spare.
We’ve got no one who cares.
So, we make our own space with what we can find.
More sorrow with each step towards tomorrow.
Reunions are places we not all should be.
Such is the life of the adoptee.

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