My Apocalypse

They read it in the Bible.
Before the Second Coming arrives
The world will find its ending.
Waiting for the future to appear.
While so many others hide.
Living out their lives for the other side.

But we must live today,
as though there’s no tomorrow.
We must live in repentance, cleansing out all our sorrows.
Never mind the mass exodus.
Never mind those rapture seeking their high.

The end of the world for me is nigh.
It will surely be.
When the heart has stopped beating.
And the angel will start leading me.

My Personal Apocalypse.
When my life will eclipse.
With repentance on my lips.
My soul struggling to get a grip.
No more time for a change of mind.
When the ontological division finds,
Soul to its Body says, Goodbye!
Towards the Great Prince of Peace on High.
The Angel of Light takes my soul to flight
Way above hell and earth in soulships.
It’s My Personal Apocalypse.


Copyright ©️ 2020 HeardWords America


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