She Don’t Need Me

All I can think of
O How life has denied me love

Then come along
Jenna with Golden Hands
touching the depths of my heart’s song.

We both have emerged from childhoods
of darkness and misuse
Only, her’s is in the past,
mine seems to want to last.

Oh, the battle for healing and perfection
wages it mightiest
between two places
within two spaces
where should I be?
where can I, be?

Alone with Divinity?
Alone with Jenna?

Oh but she don’t need me!
What do I have to offer someone else?
Especially someone as rich as she?
My wisdom is for my own fertility
what have I to offer
someone who would be so good for me?
Someone who would be so good for me,
She don’t need me
Jenna with Golden Hands
She’s headed for the promised land
what have I to give?
what have I to offer?
just a Heart
an Olden Heart of Authenticity

But she don’t need me.


(c) 2010 – 2021 HeardWords America


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