Running All My Life (to get back to You)

You came to me, when I was in a whirl.
Knowing I'd been a failure from the start.
You came to me and touched my heart.
In hopes, from this place, I would depart.

You placed me in Your arms.
Promising to do me no harm.
Never gonna put me down.
Your Mighty Breath tenderly surrounds my soul.

We were to subdue and populate the earth.
Instead man created the City of Absurdity and Mirth.
Facing west,  in human civilization there's nothing left.
By Adam we have learned to lie to ourselves.
With every passing moment our egos we celebrate.
With the dark ones we cooperate.

I know You are the only One, Good Man.
There is plenty of room with the Beloved Bridegroom.
The home we build can never be on sand.
The only Way is according to the Divine Plan.

Still, over the years, it was You I failed to see.
In her sin did my mother gave birth to me.
All my life I've been running away from You.
I've been running all my life.
To get back to You.

Honey, I will place You upon me.
Love will be seated on its throne,
Alone in my heart.
Lord I wear You as a new garment.
Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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