Play Me

Photo credit: from Masturbation Addiction .com

Play me, O yea and play with me.
When you are not around,
The birds don’t make a sound.
Alone here with myself.
You are not here, I can’t delve
You took with you your yoni.
What can I do with this pepperoni?
So I play me, yes I play with me.

My doctor warns me.
My priest cried, Son can’t you see ?
All this playing with yourself you’ll find
It will make you go blind.
You will see only yourself.
You will see no one else!
So attached to yourself you’ll become.
Its like cutting. while hiding away
    from the sun.
Consciousness will disperse.
Past the line though, there’s no
There will cum a time you’ll weep,
   O what’s the use?
Then you’ll be lost from so much,

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