Children, Don’t Do What I Have Done

Children, don’t do what I’ve done
So crippled inside, thought that I
–in a normal life– could run
in the insanity of their rat race
Soon I would learn, I had no place
To call mine.

Father planted his seed
The ole one night stand
Denied me then,
Denied me again
Forty years later.
What kind of a man?

My mother had me
But She gave it all to them
She had me before I could see
That I needed her
No Mama to call my own

Then they took me as theirs
These strangers
And I –in their strange world–
A substitute for what they lost
So blind to their own needs
No one saw this child’s loss
How easily I could
emotionally bleed.

Mama, take me back
I still need you.
Papa acknowledge me
I am you, You are me.

Please don’t say, Goodbye!
Somehow I’ll find you
Papa in me
Mama in my heart.

© 2012 HeardWords America


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