Glass Prison

Gave my all to you

To love you faithfully

You took all that I had

You took all that I was

There was no one to love but you

After our son was born

Like garbage, something no longer wanted

You put me out, a heart forlorn

You saw I got my life together

In three years you asked of me

Care for my other children

While I get my life together

But your thirteen year old daughter

Just like you she

Took all that I had

And all that I was

There was no one to care for me

With her tears of fantasy

She fashioned her lies

And stories of what had never happened

When she could not win with me

The System favors your kind

Of your deadly sweetness

The world is easily blind

To the Truth

While I, poorly defended,

Sit here convicted

In my innocence I sit

In this glass prison

Forever captive no matter where I go

No matter how far from you and her

I’ll always be

Captive in this glass prison


© 2011 HeardWords America


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