Spheres of Ascents, an excerpt

How do I love my neighbor when. . .?

How do I love my neighbor when,

to love myself is such a labor?

To love God with my all

being one experienced in the Fall?

From whence I learn love

I have never known?

From a mother that was

never my own?

she, an Egyptian

I, a Jew.

Even she, the she that I AM,

spat me out of her iniquity.

I have always been alone.

How is it, now,

I am to receive

this Love uncreated

in Divine Energy?

Who is He that Is

to serve to me

a breast, a cup,

sustenance Incarnate?

In the field I have faced

the Other,

and there I dwell with Him

simply, in that Place.

“How pleasant it is…”

so goes the song.

Yet, no brother I can recall,

nor unity, for long!

Forget any thought

there may be

for them,

and their lovingness,

so many, they are


to nothingness

alikened to being beyond the stars.

I and Thou

can be here, now;

then, why do I run;

reveals the illumining Son.

What trust I have

I have obtained.

No trust has ever been

freely given or sustained.

In my lust for the Lover

the soul finds its Self impassioned

to acquire for its own

not waiting nor wanting

to be a brother.

It is safer to be alone.

The older I grow

these eyes can see

the pompous parade is afraid of me.

The poor child that was I, did not know

and is still recovering

from the masks of doubt and shame

born of the failed trust of others

yet not in my own Name.


that daughter of Wisdom

came to me frequently

in dreams.

There was I!

only to trust;

without confidence

I was abust.

The above is a section from my psycho-spiritual autobiographical
poem, “Spheres of Ascents” 

Copyright (c) 1996 – 2010 HeardWords America. 

To be published by HeardWords Press.


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