Turn The Other Cheek

Give not evil to those who give evil.
To those who are angry, offer your concern.

To those who are loud, offer your silence but not an audience.
To those who are hateful, offer your peace.

To those who speak ill of you, offer your apology and understand their perspective.

To those who seek to do you harm, offer your absence.

To those who desire to get ahead, allow them; since it may not be your time.

To those who want what is yours, give to them. Attachment to material things is corruptive to the soul.

To those who desire to ignite your passions of flesh, flee from them. One’s passions serve only to destroy the soul.

To those who are in need, offer to them your compassion.

To those who are in want, offer to teach them how they might obtain such.

To those who claim to be “just” spiritual, be cautious; their god might be themselves and may want your worship.

To those who agree with everything you say and believe, take care not to walk with them everywhere. If both of you are blind, both of you shall fall together into the pit.

To those who do you wrong, give to them your forgiveness.

To those who wish to give their opinion of you, ask them how will it make them feel better.

To those who wish to offer constructive criticism, listen silently then offer your appreciation.

To those who say they love but never show that love in action, teach them yourself how true Love appears.
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