Wounded By Love

Nails painted black.
And hair shining red.
eyes and lips so sweet.
Her voice attacks, my heart.
That Nashville Queen.

Always reminding me where I’ve been.
Whenever I hear her voice.
Makes the tears fall like the rain.
Simply because I’ve been
Wounded by Love.
And the Pain of it’s loss.

I’ve tried to love.
Tried to receive love.
But it never stays aloft.
The wounds from the past,
Were so heavy and they always everlast.
Pulling down any light-hearted love.
That I might have had.
Destroying any kind of happiness
That might have made me sad.

The only answer has got to be,
Is to marry that Queen!
Get my heart up, so I don’t look like a has been.
Got to be that good looking cowboy.
If this Oakie Nashville royalty
Could ever love me, truly.

All the wounds will disappear.
Vanish would go all the fears
Of loosing love again.
Letting me live in the present.
No longer bound to the past.
Finally bathed in a love that will last.
Forever and eternity.
Well Reba, would you marry me?


Copyright ©️ 2021 HeardWords America


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