Dedicated to my adopted mother

You took me in.
You took me from my mother as if I was your own.
You took me from my roots and, family.
You took me for granted.

You took me for your own,
child labor.
You took me in emotional incestuously. You took me to places unknown.

A Parent models the world.
Oh how I feared society.
You said I’d never succeed.
So I sought every alternative.

You took me as a son.
There was no way we would bond.
No matter the number of your own baggage.
You should not have laid it on me; I dreamt revenge, how to fuck you.

It was you who took me away from my mother, so you could play house, Maria Homemaker.
There was no love in you for a child.
Go play with your dolls.

Give me back where I belong.
There the love is forever strong
You gave me no culture, no ethnicity, no identity, no history of my own.

You just took advantage.
Took me for granted.
Love shouldn’t hurt, it shouldn’t have destroyed my life.

Copyright ©️ 2019 HeardWords America


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